International Round Table for Female Founders on 8 March 2024, Part 1

(Green) KAIT is the incubator and accelerator of the FH JOANNEUM in Kapfenberg. KAIT wants to inspire people, especially students, to start their own business in the region. A particular focus is on business ideas in IT/digitalization, apart from that there is more support for sustainable/green ideas and for female founders. KAIT emerged from an EU project, so it is “international by design”. That is why KAIT wants to contribute to the line of events to celebrate the International Women’s Day with this International Round Table for Female Founders.


The International Round Table, which is an online event, took place for the third time already and it was again a huge success. The event is organized by the FH JOANNEUM Kapfenberg with all its partners, especially with Yasar University in Turkey. If you want to know more about KAIT partners, please go to:


This year, the event started with a keynote by Diana Pasek-Atkinson and Henriette Stokes from the Nottingham Trent University (NTU) in the UK, giving 8 Tips for Podcasts. Diana Pasek-Atkinson is an Enterprise Adviser at the Dryden Enterprise Centre, the DEC, at the NTU. With the Octopus Of Enterprise, Diana Pasek-Atkinson hosts a live WOIxTOOE podcast herself as part of one of NTU Enterprise’s Entrepreneur Clubs, asking guests their take on topics such as networking, the importance of failing, as well as the necessary skill sets and steps you need to succeed during an entrepreneur journey. In her keynote, she and Henriette gave inspiring insights into how to create a successful podcast, starting with the thoughts you have to give to the focus and the format, the topics you want to address and who your audience is going to be. Diana pointed out the importance of creating an identity, which is ideally a catchy phrase or which could be just three words. She then turned to the briefing paper and the script that she is using herself. Finally, she advises to consider the technology as well as the platform you are going to use. And don’t forget to create a catchy title for each episode. Henriette added her insights as a producer, so out of an hour record she takes the best 20 minutes to create an episode. Re-records are your best friends, as she says, there is no need to be perfect

You can find the slides to the key note speech BELOW, and don’t forget to check out the podcast!



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